We are a small ten acre farm in Grass Lake, MI. The owners, Stephanie and Taik, use natural methods to raise vegetables and cut flowers for farmers markets. Recently we’ve added home made bagels to the list of products we sell. We value diversity in our environment, and work to build healthy soil and a healthy ecosystem for our farm.



For the past 10 years we have raised chickens, turkeys and pigs for meat. We have made the difficult decision not to raise animals this year, and to focus on our vegetable production. If you would like to buy pork from us, we will still have some this spring. Check out our Products page for more information.


Our farm is located on 10 acres in the Grass Lake area, and we are lucky enough to have a barn and house on site. We love to experiment with growing different vegetables and flowers. The owners, Taik and Stephanie, started Two Tracks Acres in 2011. We have a young toddler, Lucy, who is the newest member of team Two Track. She’s the boss.


This summer you may find us at Ann Arbor Farmers Market on Saturdays and some Wednesdays, and Howell Farmers Market on Sundays. You may also contact us to come out to the farm if you just can’t wait. See our ‘Products’ page for more info.