Thanksgiving Turkeys

Email or give us a call if you are interested in ordering a turkey for Thanksgiving.

Our turkeys are free range, broad breasted white turkeys. They will be available fresh (not frozen) the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and average 15-28 lbs. Cost is $4.50/lb, payment upon receiving the bird. Pickup will be on farm. Order soon!


Contact us if you would like to order meat. We allow on farm pickup if you pre-schedule a visit.

Chickens: Our chickens average 4-5 lbs. We raise Cornish Crosses, a large white chicken great for the table.


Pork: We are currently raising Berkshire pigs, a heritage variety with excellent flavor. Pork may be ordered by the cut. Cuts include shoulder and rump roasts, ribs, chops, and ham steaks.

Ground pork, breakfast sausage and Italian sausage: Comes in 1/2 lb packages.