Now accepting members for 2019! The CSA begins the first week in June.  Print a member contract and email or mail it to 11845 Orban Rd, Grass Lake MI 49240 to register: 2019 CSA sign up form Please email twotracksacres@gmail.com if you have questions.

March 044


We do not have beef this year, as it takes two years for our little guys to grow up. But we do have pork and chicken! Our season is June – October.


Choose one or both options.

□ Pork

□ Chicken

Select your share size.

□ Share:  Meat every other week, Beginning of June – end of October (11 weeks)

□ Large share: Meat every week, Beginning of June – end of October (22 weeks)

What cuts are included?

You will receive a mix of cuts over the season. These could include:

Pork: chops, Italian sausage, polish sausage, breakfast sausage, chorizo, fresh ground, roasts, bacon, ribs. $8/lb

Chicken: A whole bird, about 4 lbs. $4/lb


REGULAR SHARE (meat every other week)

Pork only:                            $350

Chicken only:                     $175

Pork and chicken:             $275

LARGE SHARE (meat every week)

Pork and chicken              $550

Pork only                             $700

Chicken only                       $350

At each share pickup you will receive roughly 4 lbs of meat. Each pickup will only contain one type of meat, and will rotate between the options you selected to receive. For example, if you selected pork and chicken, on week 1 you would receive a chicken, week 2 four pounds of pork, week 3 chicken, week 4 pork, etc. All meat is frozen, processed and packaged in a USDA facility.

Pickup options:

You can choose to pick up your share at any of the following:

□  Wednesdays or Saturdays at the Food Hub, located at 4175 Whitmore Lake Rd in Ann Arbor

□  Saturdays at Chelsea Farmers Market, 8 am – 1 pm

□  Wednesdays or Fridays at Tantre Farm, located at 2510 Hayes Rd in Chelsea, MI

□  Sundays at Howell Farmers Market, 9 am – 2 pm

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. CSA members pay upfront at the beginning of the year for a season’s worth of meat. Throughout the year they receive meat packages at regular intervals. CSAs emphasize the community aspect of farming. There is a strong relationship between the farmer and the CSA members, who are closely involved in the process of producing their food. Paying upfront allows the farmer to avoid going into debt, while the members gain a connection and familiarity with their food source.

More about our methods:

Our goal: providing a healthy, outdoor environment for our animals, and producing quality meat

Located in the Grass Lake area, we raise grass fed beef, chickens on pasture, and our pigs have a large outdoor area on which to roam. We use rotational grazing for the chickens,  routinely moving to fresh ground (and fresh food!). The animals  have constant access to the outdoors, but also have the option to stay in a sheltered area, away from bad weather. We do not use hormones or antibiotics with our animals.

We supplement food for the chickens and pigs with feed from Napolean Mill. Because of the expense, we are not able to provide a full organic diet for the animals at this time, but we are trying to keep most of our purchasing local. The cattle are completely grass fed.

With your support, we can provide our animals with a healthy, open environment as an alternative to the way most meat is raised these days – crowded into confined areas and fed on a diet of antibiotics and grain so that they gain weight quickly. Our end goal is to provide a high quality of life, which will lead to the high quality of meat that you will receive.