Dahlia TuberS

Our 2023 spring dahlia tubers are sold out, but you can buy our bouquets at market this summer.

Dahlia tuber planting and care:

Tuber storage: Once receiving your package, bulbs should be stored in a cool, dark place until planting. There is no need to remove them from their packaging unless you intend to start them early in pots. Do not store where there is danger of freezing. A basement or attached garage usually work well.

Spring planting: Dahlias should be planted outside after danger of last frost- late May/early June in Michigan.  Place tuber root side down with the eyes, or stems, facing up. Bury the tuber so the eyes are just below soil level. You should wait to water plants until you see new green growth above the soil, at which point they like to be watered regularly. Dahlias like full sun, reach 3′-5′ tall and should be staked. They typically send out multiple blooms from around early August until the first frost.

Guarantee: We guarantee that your dahlias will grow true to name, or your product will be refunded. You must send us a picture and refund request by October of the year they were ordered in order to receive money back. We are not responsible for weather issues, pest damage, or poor customer care. Thank you.