We’ve bought a farm

We are here to stay! Thanks to your help and the support of our community, we’ve been able to purchase a farm in Grass Lake. The new Two Tracks Acres has a barn, a house, and 10 acres of pasture for our animals. Already we have welcomed six little pigs and two roosters, Cheech and Chong, to the farm. We are working quickly to find the roosters a flock of lady egg laying hens.

The farmhouse is from the late 1800’s and needs a lot of work. Our first tasks are to fix the leaking roof and then to prop up the beams in the basement, which still have bark on them from when they were installed over a hundred years ago.

We hope to practice sustainable subsistence living by growing as much of our own food as possible and processing it as well: canning, making cheese and butter, and freezing our food. This winter will be a mad dash of construction projects and preparation for the spring. Meanwhile, the animals are most definitely happy that there is still grass in November and already have access to the field.


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