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We have pork available! It’s been a long time coming because we ran out super early last year, but we now have lots of yummy things to buy. Here’s how:

  • Come visit us at Ann Arbor Farmers Market, Saturdays 8 am – 2 pm
  • Send us an email at and come pick up at the farm. We are here most days, so just let us know what you would like and when you can make it. Pay when you arrive via credit card or cash
  • Find some of our products (though not all) at Agricole in Chelsea

Bacon, $10, 0.7-1 lb packages

Better than Bacon, $10, 0.7-1 lb packages (tastes like bacon, but cut from the shoulder so it’s more lean)

Chorizo, $10, bulk 1 lb packages

Italian Sausage, $10, links 1 lb packages (5 links per package)

Polish Sausage, $10, links 1 lb packages (5 links per package)

Breakfast Sausage, $10, links 1 lb packages (10 links per package)

Smoked Ham Hocks, $10/lb, range from 1.5-3 lbs

Double Thick Pork Chops, $16, 2 per package bone in, 1.5-2 lb packages

Fresh Ground, $8, bulk 1 lb packages

Ribs, $16, roughly 2 lb packages

Countrystyle ribs, $8/lb, 1-2 lb packages, great for roasts

Other products

We also have pea shoots and bagels available right now, which you can buy at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market on Saturdays. We expect to have more veggies in April so please check back then for more options. Thanks!