Thanksgiving Turkeys

Sorry we are sold out of turkeys for 2020. Thanks for your interest!

Turkeys come fresh, not frozen. Pickup will be on our farm in Grass Lake the Wednesday before Thanksgiving (Nov 25, 2020) fro 5-8 pm. We estimate birds will weigh between 11 and 25 lbs. There is NO GUARANTEE on a turkey weight – it’s impossible to tell ahead of time the exact poundage. Birds are $4.50/lb, dressed, giblets and neck included. They are pastured, free range, Broad Breasted White birds, fed farm scraps and supplemented with conventional feed corn and soy. No hormones or antibiotics.

Order your turkey by  emailing us to officially reserve a bird. You will receive a confirmation email with further details about pickup.

Contact us if you would like to order meat. We allow on farm pickup if you pre-schedule a visit. We do not currently have product available, but check back in the Spring for more options!

Chickens: Our chickens average 4-5 lbs. We raise Cornish Crosses, a large white chicken great for the table.


Pork: We raise Berkshire Tamworth cross pigs, heritage varieties with excellent flavor. Pork may be ordered by the cut. Cuts include shoulder and rump roasts, ribs, chops, and also Italian sausage, Breakfast sausage and chorizo.